About the product

The ThermoPot is an environmentally friendly product and a particularly innovative solution on the domestic appliance market, which meets the needs of small and large households. What distinguishes ThermoPot from other typical pots is its design and the vacuum insulation, the effect of which is similar to that used in well-known vacuum flasks. This type of solution makes it possible to maintain a high temperature inside the pot after heating the food, with the minimum heating of the cooker burner or the use of equally low power of the induction hob. ThermoPot consumes about 50% less energy than a conventional pot and is therefore an environmentally friendly and low-cost product. In addition, when the food is cooked and the pot is removed from the cooker and covered with an insulating lid, ThermoPot will act as a vacuum flask, keeping the food hot for several hours.

Do you know that...

Both the body of the pot, the non-heating handles and tight lid are made of the highest quality material - ANSI 304 stainless steel. Moreover, a layer of aluminium has been incorporated into the bottom of the pot, which guarantees perfect heat conduction and ideal compatibility with all types of cookers, including induction hobs. All the ThermoPot components have been joined together in such a way that they form a homogeneous unit which, without the need for reheating, will keep the food hot for a long time.


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What makes this product special

  • Thermal insulation - an innovative solution which, in comparison to usual pots, allows the food to be kept warm for a long time after cooking and saves up to 50% of the heating energy during cooking
  • Stal ANSI 304 – the highest quality stainless steel, that is the material most often chosen for the production of the best cookware
  • Lid – made of the same steel, with a thermal insulation system; together with the pot it forms a heat insulating unit, like a flask
  • Handles - welded, non-heated, extremely durable and sturdy, providing a firm grip without fear of the cookware slipping out of hand
  • Bottom - fully inductive, evenly distributes and accumulates heat; high energy efficiency and perfect compatibility with all types of cookers

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