Modern pans are made of forged aluminium, covered on the inside with non-stick, 4-layer, extremely wear-resistant R3SISTEK coating, with ThermoDot heat-up indicator on the handle.

About the product

Hot-pressed aluminium forged pan. It has an extremely abrasion-resistant R3SISTEK coating. R3SISTEK provides a new quality of non-stick coatings! The 4-layer, non-stick, scratch-resistant coating was created by developing a breakthrough technology, which is a special process of mineral curing of the coating middle layers. As a result, in addition to its excellent non-stick properties, R3SISTEK is characterised by outstanding hardness and scratch resistance. The top layer of the coating is covered with abrasion-resistant protrusions that protect it and make that even sharp, metal kitchen tools (such as knives or turners) move smoothly across the entire surface.

Do you know that...

Thanks to its exceptional thickness (>100 μm), the R3SISTEK coating has 3 times higher non-stick properties than traditional non-stick coatings. Moreover, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures, so in addition to simple frying, it can also be used for preparation of fat-free meals. Additionally, in the pan holder we have applied a heat indicator, which informs us when the pan is ready for frying - THERMO POINT. The handle itself is made of soft touch coated plastic providing secure grip and preventing the pan from slipping out from your hand.

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What makes this product special

  • R3SISTEK - 4-layer, super-strong, non-stick, Italian coating, it has 3 times better non-stick properties than traditional non-stick coatings, and is also extremely scratch and heat resistant; rough internal structure
  • ThermoDot – indicator of frying pan readiness on the handle
  • Induction bottom – better use of the energy of the cooker due to magnetic induction
  • Soft Touch handle - made of plastic coated with a pleasant to the touch material; it lies securely in the hand and prevents slipping out from your hand
  • External layer - coated with heat-resistant silicone varnish; maintains its original appearance for a long time and is resistant to discolouration and chipping

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