Universal lids made of tempered glass with a silicone rim and a comfortable soft-touch handle.

About the product

The lids perfectly match the Zwieger pans from the Obsidian and White Stone lines with a diameter of 24 cm and 28 cm. They are made of tempered glass and their rim is covered with a silicone coating. This ensures that the lids fit perfectly to the pans and, thanks to the steam hole, provide optimal conditions for use. By using a silicone rim, you will not experience the characteristic sound when cooking, caused by the metal rim of an ordinary lid hitting the edge of a pan or pot. The plastic handle with soft touch coating does not heat up and is therefore safe to use.

Do you know that...

The lids from ZWIEGER are a perfect addition to frying pans from the Obsidian and White Stone lines. They are fit perfectly in terms of both design and the material used for production and, above all, in terms of usability, as using lids together with the Obsidian or White Stone pans clearly increases their main advantages (such as energy efficiency and meal preparation time).


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What makes this product special

  • Material – tempered glass, silicone, plastic
  • Handle – large, comfortable, safe and pleasant to touch handle with soft touch coating
  • Sealing, silicone rim - no heat loss
  • Tempered glass - perfectly flat tempered glass surface
  • Versatility - suitable for most pans and pots Ø 24 cm and Ø 28 cm available on the market
  • Steam hole - delicate, unobtrusive and fitting into the design

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