Large pot made of the highest quality ANSI 304 stainless steel, which can be used on a daily basis in the kitchens of large families, as well as during festivals or when preparing larger parties for family and friends.

About the product

The BIGPOT pot is made of the highest quality stainless steel (ANSI 304) - a material used for the production of high-quality kitchen accessories. This type of steel is characterised by low nickel and carbon content, thanks to which it does not react chemically with prepared dishes (sour or greasy), and thus their steel taste is eliminated, which you can often experience while cooking in most of cheaper pots available on the market. Moreover, this steel is very resistant to corrosion and its exceptional smoothness allows for quick and effective removal of potential burns and odours. The 3-layer bottom consists of the ANSI SS 304 steel - the 3 mm of aluminium disc that perfectly distributes heat to the bottom of the pot, and ANSI 420 steel with high magnetic induction. This translates into full compatibility even with induction hobs and high energy efficiency.

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Comfort during cooking is guaranteed by a matching metal lid (made of the same ANSI 304 steel) with steam holes as well as large and practical welded handles. What is more, the special design of the handles prevents them from overheating, so they are warm but never hot during cooking. Another important feature that distinguishes the BIGPOT pot is its exceptionally large capacity, which can be used on a daily basis in the kitchens of large families and also during holidays or when preparing larger parties for family and friends.


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What makes this product special

  • Material - top quality, ANSI 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, health-safe, food-neutral
  • Induction bottom – 3-layer; distributes and accumulates heat evenly, is highly energy efficient and works perfectly with all types of cookers
  • Walls – 0.6 mm thick, specially reinforced edge - keep warm longer
  • Handles - fixed with welded seams (no rivet holes, which become a habitat for bacteria over time); warm but not hot during use
  • Lid - made of the highest quality stainless steel (ANSI 304), the handle is welded together and has steam holes
  • Inside scale - inside the pot allows for precise dosing of food

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