Unique, very practical set of cutlery closed in a simple, traditional form, which will satisfy anyone looking for high quality and classic solutions for their dining room.

About the product

The Zwieger cutlery is a perfect combination of modern design, functionality and high-quality material, which is one of the best stainless-steel alloys. The unique form, precise finishing of details and carefully made edges can seemingly place our cutlery among products designed for special occasions, but its ergonomics, that is comfort of use and, most of all, material with high damage and scratch resistance, put it on the shelf next to products designed for everyday use. Even very frequent use of the ZWIEGER set will not in any way affect its quality or appearance. The unquestionable advantage of our cutlery is its versatility - thanks to its impressive form, it will fit excellently into a sumptuous candlelit dinner while, thanks to its extraordinary comfort of use, it will be also perfect for everyday meals. The beauty of our sets, resulting from the combination of simple but modern form, high-quality material and functionality, will make everyday meals an extremely pleasant, unique experience.

Do you know, that...

The material used for the production of cutlery is one of the best stainless-steel alloys marked as 18/10 (where 18 symbolises - 18% chromium content and 10 symbolises - 10% nickel content). Thanks to this, each set is highly resistant to damage and scratches. In the final stage of production, the material has been thoroughly polished so that the cutlery, even in everyday, frequent use, will make every customer happy with its appearance for a long time.


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What makes this product special

Cutlery set - 24 pieces

The set includes:

  • 6 forks with 3.0 mm steel thickness
  • 6 knives weighing 115 g
  • 6 spoons with 3.0 mm steel thickness
  • 6 tea spoons with 2.5 mm steel thickness

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