About the product

The double-sided grindstone is a top-quality product designed to sharpen knives accurately and effectively. Thanks to 2 types of grits contained in one product, this type of sharpener allows for sharpening of a professional knife extremely precisely, easily and evenly along the entire length of its blade. The grindstone with 400 grit will help to restore standard sharpness even to very blunt knives, as well as to repair the microscratches or microcracks caused by frequent use of the knife. The grindstone with 1000 grit will be used to smooth out the blade and thus to make it sharper so that it is even more precise when slicing. Knives sharpened properly using this grit should not rip the fibres of vegetables and meat.

Do you know that...

The set includes two slots (blade holders) for easy sharpening. They provide the right angle for guiding the blade through the grindstone (for small knives with a 15 cm blade and for long knives with a blade 15-22 cm), thus ensuring a perfect sharpening. A stainless-steel polisher, for cleaning and smoothing the grindstone, and a grindstone stand are also included.


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What makes this product special

  • Material – grindstone with different grits, plastic, silicone, stainless steel
  • Mechanism – two types of grits – the grindstone with 400 grit for very blunt knives and the grindstone with 1000 grit for fine adjustment of the blade, thus sharpening it to a higher degree
  • Additional accessories –2 types of slots for the right angle of the blade on the stone, polisher for cleaning and smoothing the stone, grindstone stand

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