Modern, deep pans made of forged aluminium with non-stick, 4-layer coating reinforced with titanium, with the bottom made in the innovative DOUBLE IMPACT BOTTOM technology.

About the product

The modern, deep TITAN frying pan is made of forged aluminium. The inside of the vessel is covered with a non-stick, 4-layer coating, including a layer of titanium, which increases scratch resistance by 400%*, thus maximising the life of the product. At the same time, the coating is free of heavy metals, nickel, cadmium, lead and PFOA, which guarantees the safety of use, especially for allergy sufferers, but also for all those who care about their own health.

* in relation to pans with basic coatings.

do you know that...

The fully inductive bottom of the pan is made using the DOUBLE IMPACT BOTTOM technology, which means that two steel discs are melted and joined together with the aluminium bottom of the pan. The bottom is extremely resistant to high temperatures and deformation - after heating, the inner surface of the pan remains flat and does not bulge in the middle. This translates into an even distribution of oil (or other fats or liquids) over the entire surface of the bottom of the vessel, and not just over its edges. The maximum operating temperature is 240°C.


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What makes this product special

  • Coating – non-stick, 4-layer, titanium-reinforced, heavy-metal-free, 400% more scratch-resistant than pans with basic coatings, which automatically extends its lifetime
  • Bottom – made using the DOUBLE IMPACT BOTTOM technology - two steel disks melted and connected together with the aluminium bottom, resistant to high temperatures and deformation; has full induction - up to 40% better use of the oven energy
  • Handle – specially designed for this model of pan, properly profiled, significantly facilitates work with the pan
  • The inside of the pan – after heating, the surface remains flat, does not bulge in the middle (which is typical for most frying pans!); this translates into even distribution of oil (or other fats or liquids) over the entire surface of the pan, not just over its inner edges
  • High walls of the vessel – allowing for frying and stewing of larger quantities of food without the risk of spilling

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