A collection inspired by products used by professional chefs and designed for all cooking enthusiasts.

About the product

The DARQUE series is an innovative line of cooking and frying products made of hot-pressed aluminium. The inside of the pots is coated with the Swiss-made ILAG ULTIMATE 3-layer non-stick coating, which is highly resistant to daily use, while the outside is covered with heat-resistant silicone varnish, which allows the products to retain their original appearance for a very long time. We can use them on all types of cookers, and the built-in induction disc at the bottom increases energy efficiency by about 40% compared to products with lotus induction. The included pot lid is made of safe, tempered glass and its rim is made of silicone. This ensures that the lid adheres perfectly to the pot and, in combination with the steam hole, provides optimal conditions for use.

Do you know that...

All products in this series have cast steel handles secured with solid rivets. This solution allows intensive use and ensures a long service life. Thanks to the materials used, the pot is a solid body, similar to a cast-iron vessel but much lighter and thus more convenient to use. All of this makes DARQUE products an all-in-one vessel, which means you can fry as in the frying pan, stew, boil and roast in the oven.


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What makes this product special

  • ILAG ULTIMATE – Swiss non-stick coating, 3-layer, with characteristic cast iron effect, ultra-resistant to daily use
  • ALL IN ONE – in one pot, apart from cooking, we can fry like in a frying pan, stew and roast like in a roasting pan or even bake cakes
  • Material – hot-pressed aluminium
  • Bottom – full induction disc; thanks to its magnetic induction, the disc ensures up to 40% higher energy efficiency
  • External coating – very resistant to scratching, chipping and discolouration
  • Handles – extremely solid and durable; they provide a firm grip without worrying about the pot slipping out of your hand; the robust rivets used guarantee a firm connection between the elements of each pot
  • Lids – made of tempered glass, properly fitted to the vessel

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