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About the product

The DARQUE series includes innovative pans made of hot-pressed aluminium. The inside of the products is coated with the Swiss 3-layer ILAG ULTIM /ATE non-stick coating, which is highly resistant to everyday use and has a characteristic cast iron effect. On the other hand, outside is covered with heat-resistant silicone varnish, which allows the pans to retain their original appearance for a very long time. They can be used on all types of cookers and the built-in induction disc at the bottom increases energy efficiency by about 40% compared to products with lotus induction.

Do you know that...

The pans have cast steel handles secured with solid rivets. This solution allows intensive use and ensures a long service life. Due to the materials used, Darque pans can also be used as a casserole dish in the oven up to a temperature of 240°C.


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What makes this product special

  • ILAG ULTIMATE - Swiss non-stick coating, 3-layer, with characteristic cast iron effect, ultra-resistant to daily use
  • Functionality – the pans not only fulfil their typical functions, but can also be used as casserole dishes
  • Material – hot-pressed aluminium
  • Bottom - full induction disc; thanks to its magnetic induction, the disc ensures up to 40% higher energy efficiency
  • External coating – very resistant to scratching, chipping and discolouration
  • Handles - made of stainless steel and assembled with solid rivets

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