The Visionary pan is a modern, universal product made of the highest quality ANSI 304 stainless steel, covered with a non-stick, scratch-resistant, 3-layer, titanium-reinforced QUANTANIUM coating.

About the product

The innovative VISIONARY frying pan made of stainless steel (ANSI 304) - a material used for the production of high-quality kitchen vessels and accessories. The inside of the vessel is covered with QUANTANIUM, a non-stick, scratch-resistant, 3-layer titanium-reinforced coating from the well-known American company Whitford QuanTanium®. The characteristic feature of the pan is a thick, four-layer bottom (stainless steel + 1 mm aluminium + 1 mm iron + 0.5 mm ferromagnetic stainless steel), which together with the exceptional wall thickness (0.6 mm) ensures even heat distribution and long-term functionality.

Do you know that...

Thanks to high magnetic induction, the pan works perfectly with induction cookers and guarantees high energy efficiency. The non-standard shape of the pan as well as the long handle made of metal alloy with an interesting shape (which does not heat up during frying) not only provide a modern design of the whole pan but also affect the efficiency of frying. The VISIONARY frying pan is not only scratch-resistant but also universal - it is suitable for both crispy frying and gentle frying of vegetables and eggs, stewing and even baking in the oven up to 240°C. When preparing meals in it, you can also take care of your health and reduce the amount of fat used to a minimum without fear of sticking the food to the bottom.


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What makes this product special

  • QUANTANIUM – non-stick, scratch-resistant, 3-layer titanium-reinforced coating from the American company WHITFORD
  • Bottom – 4-layer, full induction - perfect compatibility with induction hobs and other types of cookers; better use of energy through magnetic induction
  • Stainless steel ANSI 304 – corrosion-resistant, health-safe, ensuring long-term functionality
  • Handle – fixed with welded seams (no rivet holes, which become a habitat for bacteria over time); warm but not hot during use, entirely made of metal alloy
  • Pan walls – thickness: 0.6 mm; retain heat for longer and ensure long-term functionality

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