An elegant porcelain set in a simple, classic form, whose delicate, irregular pattern will add freshness to your dining room.

About the product

The ZWIEGER porcelain set is a combination of the highest quality of workmanship, classic shape, functionality of components and original decoration which will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, both in terms of use and aesthetics. The classic shape of the whole set and original decorations create an aesthetic whole and distinguish it from other porcelain products. Moreover, the ZWIEGER porcelain meets the most stringent quality standards. It is characterised by unusual hardness thanks to the high content of kaolin, and its whiteness is approximately 75% and translucency - 33-38%.

Do you know that...

Thanks to the high baking temperature (about 1400°C), each piece of the set is resistant to mechanical factors (such as abrasion of the enamel during frequent use or manual washing) and chemical factors (acids and bases contained in dishes and washing agents). Only the finest quality raw materials were used in the production of the set, and each detail was finished with the highest care. All this means that with the ZWIEGER porcelain you will celebrate every part of the day, a coffee morning, a family dinner or an afternoon tea with your favourite dessert.


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What makes this product special

The set includes:

  • 6 dessert plates 19 cm
  • 6 dinners plates 27 cm
  • 6 soup plates 21 cm
  • 6 cups 230 ml
  • 6 pieces of saucers 15 cm

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