Modern pans made using die cast technology with the innovative, 3-layer Greblon C3+ non-stick coating by WIELBURGER.

About the product

The modern OBSIDIAN frying pans are made using die cast technology, i.e. they are made of cast aluminium. The inside of the pan is covered with an innovative, 3-layer German Greblon C3+ non-stick, ceramic-hardened coating from WEILBURGER. Due to its exceptional scratch-resistance, this coating is used in top-class cookware. The heat-resistant silicone varnish, which covers the pan from the outside, maintains its aesthetic appearance for many years. Moreover, the pan perfectly conducts and accumulates heat and, thanks to the built-in induction disc, it can be used on all types of cookers, including induction hobs.

Do you know that...

Thanks to its magnetic induction, the disc ensures up to 40% higher energy efficiency. Additionally, the non-stick coating allows using a minimum amount of frying fat, which undoubtedly results in a healthier lifestyle. All is complemented by the eye-catching red handle made entirely of non-conductive PP material, and its soft touch coating provides a secure and comfortable grip.


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What makes this product special

  • GREBLON C3 – German, innovative, non-stick, 3-layer, ceramic-hardened coating used in top-class vessels
  • Bottom – full induction disc; thanks to its magnetic induction, the disc ensures up to 40% higher energy efficiency
  • External coating – very resistant to scratches, chipping and discolouration, fully coated with heat-resistant varnish
  • Additional handle – for easier and safer handling of deep pans (applies to wok and deep frying pan)
  • Highe walls – allowing for frying and stewing of larger quantities of food without the risk of spilling (applies to Wok and deep frying pan)

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available products

OBSIDIAN - pan 20cm

OBSIDIAN - pan 24cm

OBSIDIAN - pan 28cm

OBSIDIAN - deep pan 28cm

OBSIDIAN - grill pan 28cm

OBSIDIAN - pancake pan 26cm

OBSIDIAN - wok 32cm


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