An excellent offer for all those who appreciate functional solutions closed in a simple, geometric form.

About the product

The KLASSIKER set is an excellent offer for all those who appreciate functional solutions closed in a simple, geometric form. KLASSIKER is a handmade bamboo block with a set of 5 most needed knives in the kitchen. A knife is a basic and indispensable tool in every kitchen, and a wooden block is a convenient and functional way of its storing. For production of the KLASSIKER knives, whose hardness reaches as much as 56 HRC, high quality German stainless steel with the symbol X50CrMoV15 is used.

Do you know that...

The block has a filling made of high-quality plastic, which, unlike traditional blocks with holes, allows for easy and convenient way of taking out and inserting knives. Processed bamboo, from which the block was made, characterised by high hardness and antibacterial properties, has been cut out in such a way that the whole creates a simple, geometric form. Thanks to this, the KLASSIKER set will perfectly fit into any kitchen, being an aesthetic decoration.


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What makes this product special

  • Material – bamboo wood and German stainless steel X50CrMoV15 with high hardness of 56 HRC
  • Handle – ergonomic, steel handle that perfectly complements the whole
  • Blade – sharp, durable blade that remains sharp for a long time even when used frequently
  • Knife protection – storage in the block prevents blunting and damage to the blade when the knife is not in use, thus extending its lifespan
  • Comfort of use – a solution thanks to which all knives will always be at hand
  • Aesthetics – due to the use of high-quality wood, the block is an additional, universal decorative element of a kitchen decorated in both modern and classic style

Advantages of bamboo:

  • Health-promoting – thanks to the antibacterial properties the bamboo is resistant to fungi, bacteria or moulds
  • Durability – bamboo is charcterised by high hardness, thanks to which it keeps its original shape for many years
  • High quality – bamboo to its resistance to moisture has high stability, so it does not deform

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