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A knife is a basic and indispensable tool in every kitchen. In order to facilitate everyday kitchen activities, it should be made of the highest quality materials. This is what our ZWIEGER knives, which are characterised by extraordinary hardness and durability, are like.

The knives available in our offer have been precisely made from top-class German stainless steel X50CrMoV15 - laser cut and hardened in a computer-controlled temperature process of several stages. Thanks to this they guarantee precision and lightness of cutting as well as easy sharpening and will satisfy even the most demanding chefs.

The lines presented have been created with different customer needs and expectations in mind. Ranging from the Practi Plus line - lightweight, practical knives for everyday use in the kitchen, through the Gabro and Forte lines, which guarantee ergonomics and ease of use, to heavy forged Obsidian knives, which provide outstanding cutting precision due to their high strength and hardness of up to 56 HRC.

Our knife lines


OBSIDIAN is a modern line of forged knives made of top-quality German stainless steel (X50CrMoV15) with extraordinary...


GABRO is a line of knives made of German stainless steel (X50CrMoV15) that stands out with its extraordinary hardness...


The FORTE knives are an elegant line of knives distinguished by their simple, even ascetic form. The blade is cut out of...

Practi Plus

he PRACTI PLUS knives combine the functionality of tools for professionals with the highest qualities of knives...

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For me as a Chef, a knife is the most important friend in my work. Everyone has to find their perfect knife. Its weight, length, blade width or handle shape, all these features is important. The essential thing, however, is that the knife is reliable. Only a good, really sharp knife is safe, because only cutting with such a knife requires no force. And then we are safe. The knife in our hands only makes the movements we expect.

That is why the Zwieger knives are made of the best German steel, which makes them hard, sharp and flexible enough to be a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend the Zwieger knives. These are the tools of the highest class.