An electronic kitchen scale with Bluetooth function in an elegant, stylish housing, available in two colours: white or black.

About the product

An electronic kitchen scale in an elegant, stylish housing, available in two colours: white or black, is a new offering from ZWIEGER. It weighs food with an accuracy of 1 gram and, when connected to the app Tuya Smart, displays its nutritional and calorie values. The device features a liquid crystal display, a touch control panel and a glass pan.

Do you know that...

Importantly, the device allows you to select the unit of measurement, so you can easily weigh and measure the right amount of a product, check and select the volume of water, in your preferred unit. The tare function allows the weight of the product to be determined without the vessel in which it is contained. When the work is finished or interrupted, the scale automatically switches off to save battery power.

The Zwieger kitchen scale is a useful device not only for cooking enthusiasts, but also for anyone on a diet or concerned about their health.


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What makes this product special

  • Possibility to connect the scale with the application Tuya Smart (available in the Google Play shop and App Store)
  • High precision of the weight sensor
  • Accuracy of measurement - 1 g
  • Available measurement units: g/kg/lb'oz/oz
  • Volume measurement units - ml for milk or water
  • tare function
  • maximum weight load – 5 kg
  • minimum weight load – 5 g
  • weight: 615 g
  • power supply: 3 x AAA battery
  • battery low indicator

available products

Kitchen scale - white


Kitchen scale - black