A compact tool for simple but effective knife sharpening at home.

About the product

2-step, folding, PRACTI PLUS knife sharpener is a perfect product for anyone who appreciates fast and easy solutions in the kitchen. The sharpener has two slots which, thanks to the high-quality abrasives used, guarantee professional sharpening of medium to very blunt knives. The sharpener has a very well thought-out, folding design where the rubber-coated casing, when unfolded, functions at the same time as a handle, which allows you to stabilise the sharpener during work. After the work is finished, the product can be folded back and, due to its small size, stored anywhere in the kitchen.


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What makes this product special

  • Material – stainless steel wheel with diamond powder, grindstone wheel, plastic
  • Easy to use – sharpen your knife professionally in a few moments
  • Mechanism – lightweight, easy to operate; 2 different slots for professional sharpening of medium to very blunt knives
  • Profile – folded construction; when unfolded it is also a handle that stabilises the sharpener during sharpening
  • Design – modern, compact form

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