A practical plastic cutting board with a rubberised handle and a bending function.

About the product

Made of plastic with rubber handle. Two-colour, with a possibility of bending to make chopped products easier to get into a pot or bowl. On the top of the cutting board we placed a special scale to make it easier to measure the size of the dough or cut the salad products evenly. On the bottom part of the cutting board there are non-slip inserts which prevent it from moving on the surface of the worktop or table. This makes cutting more comfortable and precise. The cutting board also has a rough surface and does not blunt the knives.


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What makes this product special

  • Plastic – wear-resistant, harmless to health and does not dull the knives
  • Folding option –thanks to this feature, the cut products can be quickly and easily placed in a pot or bowl
  • Rubberised handle - for a secure grip in the hand
  • Rough surface - makes it easier to work with the product during cutting
  • Non-slip inserts - prevent the board from sliding on the worktop

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