Kitchen accessories set with magnetic handle and ladle acting as a stand which includes 5 most needed and most frequently used accessories for everyday kitchen work.

About the product

The 5-element set of PRACTI PLUS kitchen accessories with magnetic handles is a necessary and very practical tool in the kitchen. Each element of the set is a separate tool designed for different kitchen work. What is more, the ladle also functions as a stand that allows you to store all accessories together in a standing position. The PA66 material used in the production is extremely durable, making the whole set resistant to high temperatures (up to 210-220°C) and very easy to clean. Moreover, the accessories are excellent for working with dishes covered with a scratch-sensitive coating, without scraping or damaging them. The material from which they are made is not a contaminated product and is not recycled.


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What makes this product special

  • Material – PA66 plastic; the accessories can be safely used with vessels covered with delicate, scratch-prone coatings
  • Stand with magnetic system – a ladle which is a part of the set also functions as a stand, thanks to which the set has been reduced to a necessary and practical minimum
  • Design - the accessories are maintained in monochromatic colours, which gives the whole set a modern character
  • Functionality - the set includes 5 most needed and most frequently used accessories for everyday kitchen work: ladle, turner, skimmer, spoon, pasta server

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