About the product

SFERIC is an 8-piece cookware set made of high-quality ANSI 304 stainless steel, the steel used to make the best cookware. This material is highly resistant to corrosion and its exceptional smoothness allows for quick and effective removal of burns and dirt. Thick three-layer bottom with a built-in aluminium disc ensures even distribution and accumulation of heat and is compatible with all types of cookers, including induction hobs.

Do you know that...

Each pot has a matching tempered glass lid and large, comfortable handles that get warm but not hot while cooking. This allows the dishes to be carried safely without the risk of being burned. The whole is complemented by the unusual shape of the pots in the form of an open goblet, which creates an interesting visual effect.


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What makes this product special

  • Material – highest quality stainless steel corrosion-resistant, health-safe, food-neutral ANSI 304 steel
  • Induction bottom – 3-layer; ensures high energy efficiency and perfect compatibility with all types of cookers, including induction hobs
  • Walls – 0.6 mm thick pan walls - guarantee long heat retention inside the vessel
  • Handles – they are warm but not hot when cooking, so you can safely carry the pot without getting burned
  • Lids – made of tempered glass, properly fitted to the vessel
  • Inside scale – inside the pot allows for precise dosing of food

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