Pans made of hot-pressed aluminium, coated with the 3-layer non-stick ILAG CRYSTAL coating with a rough finish.

About the product

The GABRO frying pans made entirely of hot-pressed aluminium are new, high quality products that will be perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. The pans are covered with a 3-layer non-stick ILAG CRYSTAL coating with a rough finish of marble stone type. Thanks to the use of the ILAG SWISS CRYSTAL COATING technology, this durable coating is very resistant to abrasion and damage, thus it can be subjected to frequent and intensive use, even at 240°C. It is also safe for health, as it does not have a harmful PFOA compound.

do you know that...

Thanks to the full induction disc, the frying pans are suitable for all types of cookers, including induction hobs. The outside is coated with a black silicone heat-resistant varnish, which makes them maintain their attractive appearance for a long time. The frying pan comes with a felt mat to protect it from scratches during storage.


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What makes this product special

  • ILAG CRYSTAL – non-stick, crystal, 3-layer coating
  • Dno – full induction disc; thanks to its magnetic induction, the disc ensures up to 40% higher energy efficiency
  • Durable – he frying pan can be used at temperatures up to 240°C
  • External coating – very resistant to scratches, splinters and discolouration, fully covered with heat-resistant silicone varnish
  • Felt mat – protects pans from scratches during storage

available products

GABRO - pan 28cm

GABRO - pan 26cm

GABRO - pan 24cm

GABRO - pan 20cm


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