Elegant glasses made of innovative crystalline glass.

About the product

These elegant SPIRAL glasses for white wine are made of innovative crystalline glass which, in comparison to ordinary glass, is distinguished by more than 50% higher resistance to breaking and tarnishing and does not contain lead compounds. Moreover, SPIRAL glasses are characterised by extraordinary transparency with a very high Abbe index (above 95), thus creating a pleasant image, the aesthetics and uniqueness of which is additionally enhanced by the stripe surrounding the bowl. The high quality of the glass is also evidenced by the perfect acoustics, producing a clear, pleasant and long-lasting sound.

Made in France, SPIRAL glasses meet the highest production safety standards and are a guarantee of the best quality.


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SPIRAL kompozycyjne kieliszek do wina bialego B
SPIRAL kompozycyjne kieliszek do wina czerwonego B
SPIRAL kompozycyjne kieliszek do wina czerwonego
SPIRAL kompozycyjne kieliszek do wina musujacego
SPIRAL kompozycyjne szklanka 350ml C
SPIRAL kompozycyjne szklanka 400ml
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What makes this product special

  • Crystal glass – innovative, crystalline, more resistant to damage, lead-free
  • Excellent acoustics – clear, pleasant and long-lasting sound
  • Durable gloss – increased resistance to tarnishing
  • Total transparency – high Abbe index (over 95!)
  • Greater durability – more than 50% more resistant than ordinary glass
  • Aesthetics – the stripe surrounding the bowl, included in the classic form of the glass, emphasises its uniqueness

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