Made of ash wood, a natural board with a high hardness of 84 MPa.

About the product

A natural cutting board made of ash wood. It is excellent for cutting even with very sharp knives, it does not blunt the blades and is scratch-resistant. Ash wood, as well the cutting board made of it, due to its properties and exceptional hardness (84 Mpa), is perfect for all kitchen work, including smashing meat and preparing steaks. The round version of the cutting board is ideal for serving cheese, cold cuts and other snacks. Our ash cutting boards are characterised by a low degree of deformation and natural cracks.

Do you know that...

Ash is an annular and vascular species with coloured and uncoloured heartwood. So, it is quite difficult to distinguish between sapwood and heartwood in the wood of a young tree. In wood from an old tree it is very easy to distinguish between sapwood and heartwood. Uncoloured heartwood - it has the same colour as sapwood, coloured heartwood - it is brown or dark brown. Ash has a very clear annual ring pattern. The properties of wood depend to a large extent on the width between annual rings. Ash is a resilient wood, freshly cut wood bends easily and polishes well after steaming.


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What makes this product special

  • Material – natural ash wood
  • Durability – it is perfect for cutting, even with very sharp knives, moreover it does not blunt the blades and is scratch-resistant
  • All purposes – suitable for all kitchen work, including cutting meats and preparing steaks due to its hardness, which is as high as 84 MPa

available products

Natural - rectangular cutting board

Natural - cutting board for a worktop

Natural - large round cutting board

Natural - small round cutting board


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